Benefits of Taking CEUS Online

Continuing education units - CEU - are required for many professionals to maintain their licensure, such as with nurses, social workers, and counselors.  However, obtaining CEUs can be a time consuming and expensive process for those professionals and take time away from their patients or clients. Social work continuing education can take up a large portion of a professional's time, leaving little room for day to day tasks.

In the past, CEU courses were only offered in person and required the professional to not only sit in the class, but also spend time traveling to and from the class.  This often causes stressed and financial difficult for busy professionals that felt like they were pulled away from “important�? work to sit in a class.  This sometimes caused a lack of interest or attention while the class was occurring and resentment about the learning process, rather than a genuine interest in the class material and ability to learn new information.

However, in today’s Internet age, many organizations are now offering CEU classes online.  This can be a great benefit to the busy professional in many ways including:

  • Saving Time – the busy person that needs to take the courses can now do so from the comfort of their home or office without the need to spend time stuck in traffic or traveling to inconvenient locations.  They can start a course, pause it to attend a meeting or make dinner for their family, and then resume the course when time permits again. 
  • Saving Money – online classes are often much more inexpensive because the sponsoring organization is able to reduce overhead by not having to rent classroom space, pay heating and cooling costs, and have staff available to register participants and teach the classes.  Instead, the organization is able to make use of online video or self-help instruction methods and then tests that can be taken and graded online to check for understanding.
  • Flexibility and Stress Reduction – by taking classes online, participants are able to choose the time that works best for them instead of being limited to a choice of a session or two.  They can instead take the class during the day, evening or on a weekend when they have time to devote to learning.  This can reduce the stress felt from having to attend a class in an unfamiliar location at an inconvenient time.
  • Finishing Courses and Meeting Requirements More Quickly – instead of having to wait for a class to be offered at a particular time that works in their schedule, busy professionals can now choose the time that works for them and not have to wait weeks or months for the right class.  In addition, they can often complete the course more quickly if desired on an independent basis rather than in a classroom setting with people that learn in different ways or on different timeframes.  Finally, tests are often graded by a computer system and CEUs can be given out immediately reducing the need to wait weeks or months for a notice in the mail about whether the course was passed.
  • Ease of Use – online classes are generally very easy to use with sections to read, videos to watch, forum boards to interact with other participants and the instruction, practice quizzes, and final tests to take.  Both auditory and visual learners can find these courses to be very easy to use and much more interesting and engaging than simply a lecture format.  It also allows for flexibility in the amount of time spent on the material and the method of learning that is chosen is many cases.  Many course providers will also allow the learner to print out the material or return to it at another point in the future.  This can create resources that are available when needed on the job.
  • More Course Options Available – many times professionals take CEU classes that aren’t really interesting to them simply because the course was all that was available in their geographic area.  With online classes, students aren’t limited to only courses offered in a specific geographic area.  This can expand the professional’s ability to find courses that are relevant to his/her work and also allow for growth and excitement in the learning process.

The Internet has not only put additional information at our fingertips, but also the ability to receive formal schooling and CEUs without ever leaving our home or office.  This access can save professionals time, money, and stress, as well as opening up new courses and ways of learning.  Offering CEUs online also allows educational organizations to reduce overhead costs and offer more options to students.   Taking CEUs online has benefits for everyone and just makes sense in today’s busy society

You can take a ceu online – anytime, anywhere.  We offer nursing online ceu courses; mft cues courses or lcsw ce tests.  Here are a few samples of ceu tests you can take:

Bereavement Online CEU Course
Fezzik from the Princess Bride: His Development
Substance Abuse CEU
Long Term Care Online CEU
Laws and Ethics CEUS
Other Online Social Work CEU's
An online ceu is one you can take on the internet from your home or work computer.  CEU stands for continuing education unit.  These units are required in some states to maintain professional licenses.  SpeedyCEUS is located in California and offers online ceu courses for California residents and some other states as well.

You can take a course online and print a certificate of completion immediately after you pass the test.  There are ce tests specifically for nursing, mft, and lcsw professions. Courses only cost about $8 per unit.  You can look at content for our online ceu courses and study if you wish.  We will be adding more and more courses as time goes on, so please check back often.

Complete List of our Online CE Units