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Why take courses at SpeedyCEUs?
Personnel at SpeedyCEUs are licensed healthcare providers who have experienced the time consuming and expensive process of completing CE requirements. This website is designed to help you obtain CEUs in a fast, convenient and affordable way.

How long will it take to get my certificate of completion?
You can print your certificate once you read the course and pass the test

Once I start a course do I have to stay on the computer until I finish it?
No. You can leave and come back at your convenience. There is no deadline for finishing a course or taking a test.

How is completing my CE requirements at SpeedyCEUs more affordable?
Other providers of CEUs often charge upward of $20 per unit. At SpeedyCEUs you will pay only $5 per unit.

Provider Approval Questions

Which agencies/boards have approved SpeedyCEUS to provide continuing education?
SpeedyCEUS is approved to provide continuing education by the following:
  • The California Board of Behavioral Sciences for LCSWs and MFTs, Provider Number PCE 3457
  • The California Board of Registered Nurses, Provider Number CEP 14462.
  • The National Association of Social Workers, Provider Number 886463870
  • The National Board for Certified Counselors, Provider Number 6412

California LCSW/MFT Information

How many CE Units am I allowed to get online?
All 36 required for licensure renewal. As of February 2003 California LCSW's and MFTs are allowed to obtain all of the required CEUs online through interactive means. All CEUs provided at SpeedyCEUS qualify under this requirement.

Am I allowed to get all of my required hours from SpeedyCeus?
Yes. We are currently working toward our goal of providing you with all the required hours necessary to complete the CEU requirements for each renewal period.


How can I print out the test prior to reading the materials?
Go to the online courses page, choose a course, and click on ?View or take the test.? When the window opens click Print.

How do I take the test?
Click on view or take the test. The test page will be displayed and you can answer the questions by clicking the box next to the correct answer.

What happens if I do not pass the test?
Upon submitting the test your results will be displayed along with an X next to the question numbers you answered incorrectly. Click on take the test again. You may retake the test as often as you need for no additional charge.

What happens when I pass the test?
Upon submitting a passing test your certificate of completion will be displayed. Click on Print.

Can I print the certificate later or again if I have lost it?
Yes. Log in to your account and you will have a listing of the courses you have already completed. Click the button Print the certificate of completion.

How many questions must I get right in order to pass the test?
You must answer 80% of the questions correctly to receive your certificate. If you do not pass, you may take the test again.

Will there be more courses available at SpeedyCEUS in the future?
Yes. We are constantly working to make new courses available. You can receive an email notification when a new course becomes available by checking the ?Please notify me when new courses become available? box on the online registration form.

Do you submit CEUs to CE Broker?
Yes, we will submit completed CEUs to CE Broker where applicable. If your CEUs do not show up within a couple of days, please contact us at

Contact Information

How can I contact SpeedyCEUS if I need more help?
Look at our contact us page