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Millions of American children each year are abused and/or neglected. Unless citizens speak up and report suspicions of child maltreatment, this number will not only be sustained, but will most likely increase. Adults are in a significant degree of power over children; it is the beaten child, the neglected child, the emotionally battered child, the child molestation victim and the unborn child who has no voice in the events of his early life. She is the child who has no choice about her life circumstances. When adults misuse their power and authority to harm children instead of gently, firmly raising them into productive healthy adults, all citizens and most certainly mandatory reporters must act on the behalf of those who cannot protect themselves.

About the Author

Margaret R. Kohut is a retired Licensed Clinical Social Worker with 20+ years as a mental health professional. She received her Master's degree in Social Work from the University of Oklahoma in 1983. Margaret is a former senior officer with the United States Air Force; she served for 17 years as a psychotherapist, addiction therapist and as officer in charge of the Family Advocacy Program, the Air Force's family maltreatment program. In 2000, Margaret was commissioned to write the Family Advocacy Program's Clinicians' Manual and received the Air Force Achievement Medal for outstanding service in constructing this manual. Margaret has often testified in court as an expert witness in family violence, particularly in child abuse and neglect cases. Her duties included yearly mandatory briefings to all base personnel on identifying and reporting suspected child abuse and neglect. In 2000, she and her animal-assisted therapy dog, Max, were the subject of a major article in the Air Force Times about the uses and benefits of AAT in child abuse cases. Margaret served the United States in Operation Desert Shield, Operation Desert Storm, and Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Margaret is now a disabled veteran, retired from clinical practice. She and her husband, Lt Col (ret) Dr. Tristan Kohut and their thirteen miniature Dachshund therapy dogs (including Max) live in Anaconda, Montana. Margaret is Principal of the award-winning company, Rocky Mountain Way Freelance Writing. Her writing focuses on the helping professions such as medicine, nursing, social work, psychology addiction rehabilitation and life coaching. She is a well-published author of both academic and general interest manuscripts of all types. Margaret continues to hold certifications in criminal justice, addiction, domestic violence and forensic behavior.

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Child Abuse Detection, Reporting and Treatment > Conclusion
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