Resolving Verbal Conflict as a Manager

When initially providing education or tools to manage conflict it is better to start with an established core group of leaders.

True False

When nurses were surveyed about how they handled conflict they generally answered that they ___________.

were ready to deal with any conflict. avoided conflict. never have to deal with conflict.

For there to be an effective communication of information between two people, messages must be received and prioritized for importance.

True False

_____________ is essential to effective communication.

Support Attitude Listening

When confronting an individual regarding their behavior, one goal is to _________________.

make a suggestion for change in behavior. be the winner of the argument. lower the self-esteem of the other person involved.

The C.A.R.E. approach to confrontation, when applied, stands for clarify, articulate, request, and encourage.

True False

Excusing yourself to take a time-out and write things down is not an appropriate way to deal with a conflict aggressive in nature.

True False

As the leader or peer, standing with the nurse that is engaged in a conflict to physically and emotionally show your support is ___________.

overpowering to the other party. found not to be useful. helpful.

Health care professionals can reduce legal problems when they document accurately and completely.

True False

Be sure to chart exact words used, except any profanity, this will help demonstrate the state of mind of the individual.

True False